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3 Ways You Know Professional Repairs for Your Defective Coolroom Shouldn't Wait

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If keeping perishables in good condition for several days is a problem for you, installing a coolroom can be a reliable solution. Fruits, vegetables, medicines, milk, dairy products and other perishable products will go bad quickly if your coolroom is in bad shape. After installing a coolroom, proper maintenance isn't optional if you want to avoid frequent repairs. But if your coolroom develops a problem, you should get an expert to check it immediately and repair it in good time. So how will you know that your coolroom needs professional repairs?

The Products Stored Are Sweating

If you find water over the cabbages, greens, fruits, tomatoes, carrots or any other product in the storage facility, you should be concerned. When moist air enters into the storage facility, some of it will leak and find its way on the products. The products could also 'sweat' if the termination function is defective or if the facility is taking too long to defrost — making it hard for the storage room to cool down. If the humidification system isn't properly calibrated, you will still find free water over the products.

The Products Are Excessively Frozen

Although the coolroom should freeze the products to ensure they don't go bad quickly, excess freezing doesn't mean it's more efficient; it rather indicates an underlying problem that should be fixed. Excess freezing is a common problem for people who set the thermostat too high. Also, if the products are too close to the freezing walls, they will over-freeze. The storage facility could also release more cold air if the fans and evaporator coils are defective or dirty, causing the products to freeze more than they should. Experts in coolroom repairs assess the components to know the ones they should repair or replace to avoid over-freezing.

The Facility Is Utilising More Energy

If the coolroom isn't in good condition, it will need more energy to function. High energy utilisation indicates the facility has developed some problems that an expert should diagnose and fix. If the coolroom's insulation is missing or wet, it will use more energy to remain efficient. Your coolroom will work harder and use more energy if you have stored more items and products than its capacity can handle. If the products you put in the coolroom are always hotter than they should be, it will require more energy to preserve them, and this means you won't escape high energy bills.

Whichever the problem the coolroom might have developed, never try to fix it yourself. Always contact a coolroom repair professional to diagnose the problem and repair it promptly.