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Three Important Factors to Consider Before Self-Storage Selection

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If you have possessions which are not in current use, you should consider putting them away in a storage facility. This is an ideal choice for safekeeping antique furniture that cannot fit into your home, old keepsakes and other valuable possessions that you would like to pass on to your children or grandchildren. Ideally, you can build a storage shed in your property or use your garage. However, these options are expensive and inconvenient respectively in most situations. The most suitable alternative is renting a self-storage unit for a specified period. Here are some considerations to help you choose the best storage facility for your items.

Security Features

You should evaluate the security provided in the pertinent storage facility before renting a unit. There are different aspects that you should consider with regard to the security factor. In general, you should make certain that the facility has a perimeter fence. This feature should be in good condition and free of holes, cuts and fallen poles. The fence should be complemented by a high security gate with restricted access to avoid infiltration by intruders. In ideal circumstances, there should be guards situated at the gate for real time monitoring. A surveillance system should also be in place to make certain that if an intruder does succeed in entering the property, they will be identified and apprehended quickly. You should also make certain that the individual unit have resilient locks to keep your items completely isolated and secure.

Storage Unit's Overall Condition

You should examine your preferred storage unit before official rental. In general, you should make certain that the space is sufficient for your requirements. If you are planning to store bulky furniture, it is advisable to measure the dimensions. You should check the door to ensure that there is a good seal at the bottom to prevent the flow of water into the unit. This will also keep away rodents and insects, ensuring that your items are protected from pest damage. If you have sensitive items which are prone to moisture damage or fungi, you should choose a facility with climate control. However, if this is not possible, ensure that there is a ventilation system.

Location and Access

Finally, you should consider the location of the storage facility and your ease of access. You should make certain that the facility is relatively close in case you require your stored items. Additionally, check the access policy established. Some facilities will allow 24/7 access by clients while others have restrictions for safety and security.