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Storage Tips That All Smaller Enterprises Should Know

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If you run a small or medium-sized enterprise, you will already know that controlling costs is a big part of the way you maintain a healthy balance sheet. Nonetheless, one of the areas of expenditure that some entrepreneurs fail to take full notice of relates to their storage operations. There are all sorts of costs that are associated with storage facilities including lighting, power, rent, manpower and wastage. If you want to truly keep a lid on your business' expenditure, then make sure you pay attention to the following cost-saving tips.

  • Avoid taking on additional storage capacity by renting a further industrial unit by using something that is prefabricated instead. For example, shipping container sales are commonplace these days and a structure like this offers you a great deal of storage flexibility whilst being affordable. You can stack two or three of them in the average car park and instantly create storage for tools, equipment, stock and components. When you need to move them, this is simple, too, because they can be easily loaded onto trucks.

  • Make the most of your existing storage facilities by installing floor-to-ceiling racking. All too often, smaller business leaders think that professional racking systems are only for logistical firms or large warehouse operators. However, higher racks make storing more items easier and maximise your stockroom's footprint. Invest in cherry pickers or forklift trucks so that your operatives can reach the higher levels of shelving.

  • By palletising your racking you can integrate your goods-in area to your storage facility. This means deliveries can arrive on racks and be processed immediately into stock without needing to be split or opened up. Not only does pallet racking make your goods-in department operate more efficiently, but it allows for items to be found much more easily when they are needed with fewer items being lost.

  • Modern warehouse software systems should provide you with a better idea of your stock levels at any given moment. By computerising your storage operations you will require fewer staff even at busy times and be able to respond to customers' stock enquiries rapidly. You'll also find that problems of misplaced stock diminish.

  • The installation of a mezzanine floor suits lots of businesses which operate from edge-of-town industrial estates. If you have a double-height building but only make use of one level, then fitting a mezzanine floor into you premises can almost double your commercial capacity overnight. They are relatively easy to install by professionals over the course of a long weekend without a great deal of disruption.