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A Few Tips to Ensure Your Family Has an Easy and Successful Move

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Even if you hire removalists to help you pack your home items and get you moved to a new location, you'll probably still want to box up many items on your own, long before they arrive. This can help reduce the amount of work that needs to be done the day of the move, and also help keep your items organized. Note a few tips for packing your home items for an easy and successful move, and to even reduce the number of packing materials you may need for your relocation plans.


Your kitchen trash bin, as well as recycling bins and other trash receptacles, can be used to transport cleaning supplies and other items that aren't very delicate. You can even stack bins inside of bins; put the kitchen bin inside the outside trash bin, and stack the rubbish cans you use in the bathrooms inside of these. This will mean having to bring just that one stack of trash bins to the moving truck and not having to take up space in the truck for several trash bins that are just empty inside.

However, note that you might still want to keep one or two large garbage bags available and ready for use during the move. As you pack, you may need to toss out excess packing peanuts, food in the refrigerator you didn't use up and don't want to take with you, and other miscellaneous items. Having a trash bag on hand can make it easier for everything to stay neat during your packing and moving.

Items to keep with you

It can be a good idea to make a list of items you don't want to put in the back of a moving truck, but want to keep with you in your car; this can include delicate items like a laptop, valuable items like expensive jewellery, or important paperwork like birth certificates and other identification. This will help ensure their safety and reduce the risk of theft or of losing these items in transit.

Luggage and other bags

If you have luggage of any size, use these pieces for packing clothes and linens. Handbags can be used to hold jewellery and makeup items, and briefcases and laptop cases can hold paperwork and files. Don't overstuff these items or add too much weight to them, but by using them to pack these items, everything will stay organized and secure and you can reduce the number of actual moving boxes you may need.