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If you find that you need some self-storage units to house all of your worldly possessions before a move, you'll soon realise how much stress is reduced knowing everything is insured and kept safe from harm. However, when you finally do get around to offloading everything, it can be difficult to be able to find specific items. This in itself can increase your stress levels, so follow these simple tips to help organise your boxes perfectly for maximum access in minimal time. 

 A Grade-A Plan

Having a floor plan of your box layout is a great idea, even more so if you have a larger unit which you can walk around. Get a spare piece of paper and draw a layout of your boxes, grouping them in piles that are related to the same room or item type. Stick this on the wall nearby and label each box with a number or a colour code for easy access. You'll save yourself a huge amount of time and will make it a lot easier for any removal companies you hire to help you move everything out. Just be sure to label the boxes on multiple sides so that you can see where they are.

Where Is It?

Once you've located your box in the storage unit, you'll then need to sort through it and find the items you want. You can even make this even easier by creating a list of everything inside. If you draw a picture of the box, you can even show where its located inside and how far down it is. This isn't so important for smaller boxes, but for larger boxes with lots of small items inside, it will help you to keep everything inside well stacked so that you don't have to remove it all and repack it again.

Get The Kids

If you have kids and you want them to get involved in the move, you can ask them to help out. Letting them draw on the outside of the box with pens and crayons will also help to make it easier to find the boxes. Just ask them to draw pictures of things that are in the box or pictures of the room they belong in. Doing this will also make it a lot quicker for friends or the removal company to drop off the boxes into the correct rooms in your new home.