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Two Reasons Why You Should Rent a Storage Unit After Having Your First Child

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If you've just had your first child, here are some reasons why now might be the right time to rent a storage unit.

To store your child's old belongings

You'll probably be amazed at the rapid pace at which your child outgrows the clothing, games, toys and books you buy for them. Rather than stuffing the things they no longer need into the garage or attic, however, you might want to put them into storage.

The reason for this is that if, for example, you think you'd like to have more children, if your close friends are planning to have children, or if you have invested in high-quality clothes and books that you would like to give to your grandchildren one day, then you'll need to store these things carefully. If for example, you leave your child's old newborn clothes in the attic, moths might ruin these garments before you can use them again or before you can give them away to your friends when they have kids. Likewise, if you store your collection of children's books in your old garage that gets damp in the winter, the paper from which these books are made might end up warped, musty and mouldy from being left in this humid setting.

A storage unit would be the perfect place to keep your child's old items until your next child or future grandchild needs them or until you want to give them to some other family, as due to this unit being clean, dry, insect-free and completely secure, your child's belongings should stay in the same condition they're in now, no matter how many years you choose to leave them in this unit.

To keep items that you don't want your child to be able to access

As your child gets big enough to explore your home, you'll quickly realise that there are some things that you'd prefer to keep out of their reach. This might include hazardous objects, like hammers and electric drills, as well as delicate family heirlooms (such as crystal ornaments your child could break or valuable paintings that they could leave grubby fingerprints on). You might also find it helpful to put gifts you get them for their birthdays and Christmas in this unit, to ensure they don't see them before the occasion on which they're supposed to receive them.

Having a safe place to keep heirlooms, hazardous items and gifts would make your home life easier, as you could let your child freely explore every area of your home and play wherever they want, without having to be concerned that this could result in them getting hurt by some hazardous item, destroying a precious family item or discovering a birthday or Christmas gift.